Thursday, 8 September 2016

9 Weeks Pregnant: Time to Go Bra Shopping

If you could view your baby in detail, you might see that the tail formed by his spine, called the embryonic tail, is now gone. You’d also observe that he has little 

earlobes and fully formed eyes, even though his lids will stay fused shut until around week 27.
Things you wouldn’t quite be able to see include her heart, which may now have four distinct chambers and developing valves, and his forming nerves and muscles. 

Additionally, he likely has teensy teeth and external sex organs, though you still can’t view them even with an ultrasound.

Your baby is also likely moving around a lot, though you probably can’t feel it, unlike the discomfort that you may be experiencing in your breasts. While sore, 

swollen breasts are one of the very first signs of pregnancy, now may be the time when you notice this symptom the most because your milk-producing glands are 

expanding in preparation to feed your little one.
In addition, pregnancy hormones may be causing growth in your breast tissue, so don’t be surprised if your bras no longer fit well. This enlargement will keep going 

for another month or so. (If you and your partner are loving this new change in your body, run with it. After all, the increased blood flow to your pelvis may mean 

that you’re friskier than ever.)Also, you may notice more visible blue veins as they expand to deliver blood to your breasts and itchiness as the skin stretches. To 

alleviate itchiness and minimize stretch marks, you can moisturize your breasts (and belly too!) with cocoa butter.

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