Friday, 21 October 2016

Improve your exercise ability with Viagra

People across the globe have been complaining about their inability to exercise or workout to the extent one should be able to. Now Viagra is the drug that has been commonly used in almost all the countries to cure such inability and impotency in men. Viagra sildenafil citrate 100mg is that magic wand that can give you that you have been craving for long.

Another name for impotency is erectile dysfunction which now has got an answer after the options of getting Viagra online and for sale. It has proven its track record of benefitting the sufferers with the right kind of result. Two most important things to take care of before using this medicine are the following-

·         Nitrate drug is harmful to be used in combination with Viagra as the result can be as dangerous ad dropping of blood pressure level
·         If the erection in a man lasts for more than four hours, the person should immediately stop the intake of it
Apart from those two important conditions, make sure to follow certain other rules to make sure the drug has no harmful side effects.
·         You shouldn’t be allergic to sildenafil
·         If you are already taking medicines for pulmonary arterial hypertension, the drug can react
·         You should be free from any heart disease
·         You should not be a patient of high or low blood pressure
·         No kidney or liver damage should be present in your medical history
·         If you are suffering from anemia or leukemia, Viagra 25 mg or 50 mg shouldn’t be used
·         If you are asked to keep away from sexual intercourse, this medicine shouldn’t be taken

This medicine is available in different doses for different patients. You may be prescribed Viagra 120 mg or 150 mg and sometimes may be 200 mg too. It depends on your health conditions on which to be offered to you.

This is a medicine which is applicable for both the sexes, male and female. Viagra in India was considered a shame till the early twentieth century but now it is out in the open due to its medicinal benefit for those in need. Apart from India, people use Viagra in Singapore too. Almost every country uses it these days with no second thought because it has more positive effects.

Now if you are wondering where to buy, then the answer is pretty simple. You can find it in all the leading chemist shops and pharmacies. As it is a prescribed drug, you should have a prescription before buying it. There are many websites too where you can buy Viagra. The answer to your second question where to buy Viagra online is yet another simple one. Just google and you can find all the leading online portals that have Viagra for sale.

For those who think, it is a drug only for male erection is not true. There are Viagra for women too that helps improve a woman’s stamina. So either male or female can reap benefit out of this wonder medicine.

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